_By Cynthia Nkweti_

What are masterclasses?
A master class is a class given in a particular discipline by an expert/ master in that field. It is a much more flexible and immersive experience that relies on you to make the most out of it. If you’ve been observant, you would have noticed that masterclasses are popping up here and there in different domains: music, cooking, how to write a book etc. Here’s why that’s what you need right now.

1. Specialized knowledge:
Masterclasses are given by people who are masters in their fields. These people usually have thousands of followers because of their longevity in their area of expertise. As a result, they will not have the time to give you general knowledge but will give you specific skills.

2 Expert level skills:
Masterclasses are offered by experts and so what you will be getting are expert level skills. As a result, masters delve into the strategic secrets that have put them at the top of their game and give it to you, just like that!

3. Networking:
Due to the fact that masterclasses are usually mixed, you get the opportunity to meet diverse people. Newbies and professionals alike with whom you can exchange contact and ideas. This is a chance to sell yourself and make new connections.

4. Affordability:
They are usually more affordable than a full degree course. This is usually because the courses are specific. If you had to take that same course, it will be expanded and more expensive.

5. Inspirational:
It’s usually inspirational and life-changing to meet a master in a particular field. For most people, this is a dream come true and an opportunity to ask personal questions and probably get mentored by them. Masterclasses give you access to the professional. Imagine if Barack Obama offered a masterclass on leadership. The thrill is more about meeting a master in a field than just the teaching he will give.

Basically, when you take a masterclass, you are exposing yourself to a master’s perspective. Since masterclasses are very practical, there would be things that you will learn that if the master were offering a normal course, you will not have learned. This is because most people use their personal life to give lessons. Brite Academy offers a range of masterclasses and we invite you check them out and sign them up.

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