You most probably have heard the term digital marketing often in your conversations and encounters, but what does it really mean? Some scholars and persons have simply summarized digital marketing to mean internet marketing, while some have described it as all marketing activities that take place online. Susanna Gebauer (co-founder of exploreB2B) describes digital marketing as all marketing activities that use digital devices. As a business or entrepreneur, there exist a plethora of digital marketing types which you could use, but a great ad campaign will depend on how well it can interpret your goals and values of your startup or business.

The types of digital marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the art of using valuable information to increase brand awareness with the goal of getting your target audience to take a profitable action. It is a marketing approach largely focused on creating valuable, relevant, educative, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Such content would ultimately drive consumer action. Content marketing is extremely important for businesses because content fuels all other types of digital marketing. Your business would definitely need high quality content to run effective campaigns.

The key to having a successful content marketing campaign is to take account of your company goals and the audience you are trying to reach. Most companies do this by creating a blog on which they publish articles that cover content that relevant and of interest to their target audience.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing involves the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other sites to promote and increase awareness on a companyโ€™s products or services. Social media marketing also involves sharing of information and engagement with customers, followers, partners, sponsors and fans for better promotion of products and services.       

While using social media sites for product promotion, it is important to efficiently take note of the sites that work best for your product or service. Also, knowing how these sites work will be a plus for your digital marketing strategy using social media. Each social media platform has unique features which may either or not work best for your product.

Social media marketing also involves running social media ads. There are a lot of social media platforms that provide digital advertising opportunities for businesses that want to boost visibility and expand their reach online. The business would have to choose the social media platform which is most appropriate for their target consumers as well as on which these consumers are most active. This will give the business a wider reach and engagement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is another type of digital marketing which is extremely important for businesses to consider. It is the process of boosting your content or websites to increase organic traffic and for such websites or content to show up in search engines like Google and Bing.

Search engines work when specific keywords or phrases are emphasized within content. These keywords are usually aligned with what a reader or client might type in the search bar. This means that for your content to show by organic search, you have to use the right keywords or phrases within your content.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/ Google Ads

While social media ads are good for your business, google ads are also beneficial to get more traffic from search engines. While SEO describes the process of getting unpaid traffic from search engines, SEM refers to using paid advertising to get traffic from search engines. As a business, it is important to boost your visibility on Google because a majority of customers use Google to search information about products and services. Increasing your visibility would be a great way to get these customers to your site. It is important to use Google ads for your site as a supplement to your organic SEO.

Email Marketing

Ever thought of marketing by email? Email marketing is the process of sending messages to prospective clients and subscribers by email. Sending regular updates to your email subscribers can help you build and nurture a relationship between your company and your clients. These email updates will eventually build trust and can turn a percentage of your audience into customers. The reason why you should use email marketing is because some consumers like email since it is convenient and personal. You can also use emails to drive more traffic to your website and social media channels by sharing their links via email.

Consider building an email contact list for your company to boost your email marketing.        

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