About Our Courses

Choosing the right program to study in school has never been an easy task especially because a lot of factors are to be considered. There is no different with choosing the right institution to study in. The institution you enroll in has a great role to play as far as accomplishing your career dreams are concerned. The right institution, combined with passion, dedication and hard work on the side of the student will go a long way produce desired learning outcome and Brite Academy is that institution. Below are some of the reasons why you should study at BAI

  • Option to study both online and onsite
  • Carefully selected professional trainers
  • Ultra-modern training hall and facilities (furniture, whiteboard, projector, computers etc.)
  • High speed internet supply to facilitate research
  • Standby generator for electricity supply
  • Reasonable discount on early registration
  • Volunteer and internship opportunity post completion of studies
  • Job placement with partner organization
  • Free access to BAI organized webinars and master classes
  • Discount on rent of BAI training hall or use of facility for personal event.

Our Courses

Office Automation Secretaryship

The goal of the training is to equip the students with practical skills in the Secretaryship and Office Automation trade, taking into consideration the labour market situation and demand

Accounting and Management

From the analysis of the job situation, we may say that computerized accounting and management requires that a person working as part of an office team and with a high level of autonomy.

Production of Graphic Designs

The course will focus on equipping learners into becoming acquainted with graphic design techniques, principles of page layout and design and photo editing.

Application Development

The main objective of this course is to train and enhance the skills of trainees to be able to turn a core technology or idea into a software product which delights users, succeeds in the marketplace and becomes a profitable business.


The course Webmaster gives students experience in the management of a website, including its content creation, registering its domain name, addressing errors and approving site design and functionality.

Computer Maintenance

Students in computer maintenance and repair receive training in administering, installing and configuring computers; installing, implementing and utilizing software; and upgrading and troubleshooting personal computer hardware (PC) maintenance and repairs.

Computer Network Maintenance

In this course, discussion started from very basics and discussed up to maximum depth possible. For every topic, solid situations and numerical problems are discussed and solved.

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