Topic: Teachers’ Training Online
Hosted By: Michael Chengwi Neba
Start: Friday, December 11, 2020 10:00 AM
Duration: 120
Timezone: Africa/Bangui
Online learning does not have to be a pale imitation of “real” in-person learning. It is a completely new way of interacting with learners. What if instead of a boring, predictable series of discussion question posts and assignments, your online courses were a dynamic journey that surprises and engages learners? This training will give teachers the confidence to create meaningful online learning experiences. Teachers have the skills to teach; they will see how to transfer those skills to the online classroom and it is not about the technology. Objectives/Goals:
  • Create courses that wow learners with their interactivity and potent learning experiences.
  • Reliably build online learning experiences that students love.
  • Forge online connections to build the teacher-learner relationship as well as a peer community of practice.
  • Apply key principles of online teaching to create social, cognitive and teaching presence.
  • Avoid alienating or “turning off” your students to the completely online paradigm.

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