Our Services


Brite Academy International is a social innovation, human and technology-driven company with
headquarters in Buea, Cameroon. Brite is created to train and prepare individuals and groups of
individuals with skills, practical/hands-on opportunities and mentorship needed for the 21st
century job markets through “Reskilling for jobs of the future”.

Training and Career Development

The training and career development unit is a branch in Brite Academy that seeks to provide education and training to students and all aspiring learners. We dwell on training that cuts across the primary to the tertiary level of education based in cameroon. So, through our online/onsite schooling, we offer every student the opportunity to acquire essential knowledge and earn a certificate accompanied with the skills. 

For the training and career development unit, we provide trainings like;

The Innovation Hub Unit

The innovation hub (iHUB) is aimed at providing services through four distinct sectors as follows: Corporate trainings, Co-working spaces, Entrepreneurship trainings, I.T services and the Digital library and bookstore.

At BAI’s I-HUB, we create a work milieu where business owners meet, work, collaborate and birth  business ideas . We train you on how to create something from nothing. You can create your own opportunities and be an innovator.

We provide capacity building training programs which meets the specific needs of every individual and we provide outstanding digital services from online trainings, digital library, online bookstore as well as I.T support. These I-hub sectors include;


For corporate training, we have general training module which cuts across all work domains. It is a one-size-fits-all skills building training sessions that most if not all organizations need in this 21st century. We also have tailored base skill development training programs that meets the specific needs of different organizations in relation to their line of operations. These are all intensive training sessions which meets the specific expectations of each participant.


We provide Co – working spaces with well-furnished office equipment for people in all scope of businesses, a training hall, a Conference Room and other event facilities for hosted organizations. Our co-working spaces are furnished, clean and serene premises portal address front desk services, high speed Wi-Fi, water and electricity office kitchen facilities and more.


Our entrepreneurship training involves small business owners and those who want to start up with no educational background on business development and sustainability.Business statistics have proven that small business owners who invest in training on entrepreneurship are more likely to grow their businesses sustainably. The key objective here is to provide proper trainings to entrepreneurs to; recognize business opportunities, and how to act on them.


The online bookstore provides services to authors and publishers to get their books or written material online for a worldwide market. The digital library is also a platform with e-copies of books of all domains where people can subscribe and study these books online ***** Also through the online library we franchise courses from the internationally accredited online study platform called Udemy.


Our I.T services involves offering I.T support to schools and other institutions to facilitate the running of their day to day activities through management software systems.We have a set of qualified software developers who work together to ensure they come out with the best expectations of our clients.