About Scrum Master Accredited Certificate

Course Description

Scrum is an agile process framework for developing, delivering and sustaining complex products or information with an initial emphasis on software development. The scrum framework is designed for teams of ten or fewer members who split their workload into goals that can be completed within time boxed iterations known as sprints, usually no longer than 1 month. Scrum Master is the team role responsible for ensuring the team lives agile values and principles and follows the processes and practices that the team agreed would use. The five core values of Scrum include Courage, Focus, Commitment, Respect and Openness.

Course Objectives

The core objective of this course is to teach and empower Scrum professionals with core Scrum values and for them to begin to socialize Scrum within their own organizations and support teams. By the end of the program, trainees are expected to be well acquainted with the following:

Course outline

Learning Modules



Module 1

Introduction to scrum and agile manifesto

Week 1

Module 2

Self-organization, inspection and adaptation

Week 1

Module 3

Values of the scrum framework

Week 2

Module 4

Elements of chaos and confusion

Week 2

Module 5

SCRUM roles

Week 3

Module 6

SCRUM without project manager

Week 3

Module 7

SCRUM user stories

Week 4

Module 8

SCRUM product backlog

Week 4

Module 9

The spirit and spirit backlog

Week 4

Module 10

SCRUM burn down chart

Week 5

Module 11

The spirit and SCRUM meeting

Week 5

Module 12

SCRUM grooming

Week 6

Module 13

Scaled scrum framework

Week 6

Module 14

SCRUM release planning

Week 7

Module 15

The next steps

Week 7



NB:  Requirements to sit for final exams

  •  Candidate should put in a minimum of 90% attendance to appear for the examinations.

Passing Minimum 

A candidate shall secure a minimum of 50% to pass the final examination.

Teaching Methods (Learner centered method)

  • Lecture discussion method/Participatory method
  • Lecture demonstration method
  • Discovery Learning.

Grading Individual

  • Projects/Test/Quizzes           20%
  • Homework and Class Participation     10%
  • Final Course exam                   70%

Prices and Funding

Pay and join us!

115 000 XAF Onsite

165 000 XAF Online

NB: No other payment  will be demanded during and after the course program.

Payment options
  1. At our campus: You can make an appointment to pay directly on campus, tarred road bonduma gate buea, opposite EPN church.
  2. Wire Transfer: Call us and receive the necessary information you need to make payment from your bank or mobile money (MoMo).

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