About Production of Graphic Design

Course Description

Graphic designing is a course that explores graphic communication through the understanding of the elements and principles of design; as well as, the design process, from idea development through the final execution of a document. The course will focus on equipping learners into becoming acquainted with graphic design techniques, principles of page layout and design and photo editing. Professionals use the concepts explored in this course in disciplines such as: advertising, graphic design, web design, illustration, broadcast design, photography and game design and many others. Assessment will be based upon knowledge of content, with consideration on trainee’s effort, technical understanding and creative use of resources for the completion of various assignments using Photoshop CS5 and InDesign CS5. Various software, including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, will be used in this course to attain the course objectives

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Course outline

Course Modules

Lesson Title


Module 1

Define esthetic and graphic choices

·         Represent vocational prospects using visual variables

·         Integrate Gestalt and composition basic principles in performance

·         Carry out compositions by integrating summary notions of colours and contrasts

·         Draw up a communication plan and a graphic charter

·         Drawing a working plan and a budget assessment

·         Present and defend a proposal.

Week 1-7

Module 2

Carry out technical reproductions

·         Perform a digital image

·         Process images

·         Arrange texts and images

·         Carry out cleaning up

·         Print examination paper

·         Produce a technical document

Week 8-15

Module 3

Carryout typographic and page layout works

·         Collect all data relating to a command

·         Type texts and make corrections

·         Perform appropriate typographic choices

·         Perform a page layout grid

·         Make a page layout respecting typographic rules

·         Prepare the technical document for printing

Week 16-23

Module 4

Carry out digital illustrated representations

·         Research and collect necessary information

·         Conveniently scan an image

·         Create illustration Typography associations

·         Take photos

·         Conveniently acquire an image

Week 24-30

Module 5

Make web and multimedia mediums

·         Research and collect necessary information

·         File and process information

·         Draw arborescence and mount elements complying with graphic charter

·         Carrying out all operational checking (links) and negotiate the purchase of technical functioning elements

·         Make entries, publish or layout document carryout technical production.

·          Up-date all information.

Week 31-37

NB:  Requirements to sit for final exams

  •  Candidate should put in a minimum of 90% attendance to appear for the examinations.

Passing Minimum 

A candidate shall secure a minimum of 50% to pass the final examination.

Teaching Methods

  • Lecture discussion method/Participatory method
  • Kinesthetic learning
  • Lecture demonstration method
  • Discovery Learning.

Grading Individual

  • Projects/Test/Quizzes   20%
  • Homework and Class Participation     10%
  • Final Course exam          70%

Prices and Funding

Pay and join us!

250,000 XAF

NB: No other payment  will be demanded during and after the course program.

Payment options
  1. At our campus: You can make an appointment to pay directly on campus, tarred road bonduma gate buea, opposite EPN church.
  2. Wire Transfer: Call us and receive the necessary information you need to make payment from your bank or mobile money (MoMo).

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