esambe-Gerald President and Founder of Brite Academy International
Gerald Esambe
President and Founder
About Gerald Esambe
Gerald Esambe is the founder and president of Brite Academy. He has over ten years of expertise in managing international projects including those of the African Development Bank. He also worked as a consultant in the past for international institutions such as the Water and Food Humanitarian Award, the Danish Development and Research Network, the Catholic University Institute of Buea and the Centre for Environment and Development Initiative. It deals with the management of large international events and the development of client’s communication strategies. Gerald holds a Masters in Sustainable Development with specialization in Climate and Energy policies from Linköping University, Sweden, a Graduate certificate in Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development from University of Oslo and a Bachelor of Science in Geography from the University of Buea in Cameroon.
Asalle Yvette Bookkeeper at Brite Academy International
Asalle Yvette Nzellebot
Administrative Assistant and Book keeper
About Asalle Yvette Nzellebot

Asalle Yvette N. is the Administrative Assistant and Book Keeper at Brite Academy. She holds a B.Ed. in Educational Psychology from the University of Buea and two diplomas in Secretaryship and Office Automation respectively. As the life-long saying goes that “learning is a continuous process…”, so too is skill acquisition vital to professionalism and proper incorporation into the modern day system. She is positive about helping youths gain skills and ensuring positive change overtime, to make the world a better place.

Ngando Doris
Ngando Doris
Operations Manager
About Ngando Doris

Doris Ngando is a target driven and resourceful personality with a strong background and over 7years of experience in business development, project management and administration

Doris is also a certified associate project manager from the project management institute of the USA and currently rounding off a master degree in business management at the university of Nsukka, Nigeria.
She serves as the Operations manger of Brite Academy International.

Alobwede Ebude Hilda
Alobwede Ebude Hilda
Innovation Hub Officer
About Alobwede Ebude Hilda

Hilda is the Innovation Hub officer at Brite Academy. She works with clients to identify needs and develop sustainable business opportunities through innovative avenues.  Has over 5 years of experience in business development, business management and entrepreneurship. She holds BA in management and entrepreneurship and a professional diploma in project management. She also holds over 6 diplomas including Hub management and venture capital investment, business negotiation and effective communication, management of people and resources, Business analysis, customer relationship management and strategic management for business growth.

She is also currently running several small businesses of her own, as well as working as business consultant for startups and other small businesses.

Nkafu Eugine F.
Innovation Hub Assistant
About Nkafu Eugene F.

Eugine is the Innovation Hub Assistant at Brite Academy. He is an enthusiastic and result driven individual who is very passionate at what
he does and ready to learn so as to impact the society positively.
He is a graduate with a BSc in economics and management from the University of
Dschang and currently studying to become a CERTIFIED CHARTARD ACCOUNTANT.
He has four years of managerial experience in the AGRO-INDUSTRY, two years of
experience in the marketing sector and one year of experience in the
renewable(solar) energy sector. 

Nwendo Malaika F
Training and Career Development Assistant
About Nwendo Malaika F.

Miss Nwendo is the training and career development assistant at Brite Academy. 

Malaika is a respected executive manager with 8 years of experience in administration, career coaching and general procurement, she holds a BA in English and looking forward to defending a masters Degree in English Language. Background in general administration, contracting and purchasing rules and procedures, she is dedicated to faithful interpretation of rules and procedures with deference to legislative intent and purpose. Enthusiastic about contributing to team success.

Atianjoh laris Echuaba
Cleantech Officer
About Atianjoh laris Echuaba

Atianjoh Laris Echuaba is the Cleantech Officer   Laris is the cleantech officer at Brite Academy. She holds a masters degree in Geography from the university of Buea.
With passion in environmental management, she is experienced in water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) as she has worked in a number of diverse commuties within the country

Betek Quinta Bakume
Cleantech Officer
About Betek Quinta Bakume

Quinta is the cleantech officer at Brite Academy International. She is passionate about a clean and safety environment.  She holds an MSc. in Environment and Natural Resource Management and also a BSc. in Environmental Science  She’s passionate about self development and promoting sustainable environmental development

Kuinang NZOUTCHOUM Christe
Communications and Digital Marketing Assistant
About Kuinang NZOUTCHOUM Christe

Kuinang NZOUTCHOUM Christe is currently serving as the communications and Digital Marketing Assistant (Volunteer) at Brite Academy. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and currently a Masters student in the University of Buea. She is a good communicator, serious, hardworking and goal oriented. She aims at building her professional self, as well as more skills related to her field.

Terence Ekoti IT support staff and webmaster at Brite Academy International
Terence Ekoti
webmaster/ IT Support
About Terence-Tercy Ekoti

Terence Ekoti is currently serving as the IT support staff and Webmaster at Brite Academy. He holds a B-Tech. in Computer Software Engineering from CHITECMA University under the mentorship of the university of Buea. He is serious, goal oriented and creative when it comes to work and getting things done. His wish is become a better cyber security analyst and contribute in making the world of technology crime free.