Office Automation Secretaryship

Course Description

Computer office automation is a course that is designed to teach students all the phases of clerical office work. The course utilizes the Microsoft office package applications (MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook) and many more to accomplish the objectives of the course. Emphasis on Computer Office Automation is placed on mastering the skills needed to gain successful employment in many exciting clerical occupations. The course is also relevant for workers/employees who wish to gain more skills in the domain of office automation.

Course Objectives

The aim of the Office Automation Secretaryship Programme is defined from the general objectives of the vocational training taking into consideration the working situation. The goal of the training is to equip the students with practical skills in the Secretaryship and Office Automation trade, taking into consideration the labour market situation and demand.

The objective of the vocational training course is to enable job seekers to have a qualification and be integrated into secretaryship trades. This entails enabling them to acquire necessary skills in the use of computer equipment, software resources as well as communication tools. They are accompanied by stated skills linked to each of the operational objectives they embody.

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Training of Trainers at BAI

Course outline

Course Modules



Module 1

French Basic Knowledge

Week 1-3

Module 2

English Basic Knowledge

Week 4-7

Module 3

Sensitization On STI/STD/HIV-AIDS

·         types of STI and HIV-AIDS, their symptoms, consequences

·         methods of transmission of STI/STD/HIV-AIDS

·         prevention methods and measures applicable in case of infection

Week 8

Module 4

Professional Life

·         Professional health and safety

·         safety measures

·         Develop career management skills

·         Human rights protection

Week 9-12

Module 5

Vocational Integration

·         Entrepreneurship

·         job-hunting techniques

·         drafting and managing administrative correspondences

Week 13-16

Module 6

Use of Office Automation equipment

·         Master micro computer

·         Page layout of documents (Word processing)

·         Use of electronic spreadsheet.

·         Use of computer assisted publishing software

·         Use of presentation software

Week 17-22

Module 7

Welcome and guide visitors or users

·         Welcome and guide customer

·         Guide visitor by telephone

·         Use of other communication tools (facsimile, Dictaphone, teletypewriter, electrocopy, etc.)

·         Transmit and disseminate documents and information within the institution

Week 23-26

Module 8

Information Management (writing mail, report writing etc.)

·         Write mails, minutes

·         Carry out mass mailing

·         Fill in a form

·         Data processing

·         Report writing.

·         Update data base

Week 27-30

Module 9

Mail Management

·         Receive mail

·         Keep record of income mails

·         Mail distribution

·         Mail preparation

Week 31-32

Module 10

Filing and archiving of documents

·         Encode documents or information (to specify)

·         Sort out documents or information

·         File documents or information

·         Archive documents or information

Week 33-34

Module 11

Activities Organization

·         Activities planning

·         Make appointments, keep a diary

·         Follow-up the institutions activities or services

·         Make sure the deadlines of the various activities are respected

·         Participate in the preparation of record of user or a staff (do it in case of need)

·         Prepare conference call



Module 12

Supervise team work

·         Participate in the decision making

·         Transfer of skills to a collaborator or to a newcomer in the secretariat or to a training

·         Check the activities generated expenditures

·         Propose improvements of procedures, office equipment and workstation

·         Coordinate a secretariat team activity

Week 38

NB:  Requirements to sit for final exams

  •  Candidate should put in a minimum of 90% attendance to appear for the examinations.

Passing Minimum 

A candidate shall secure a minimum of 50% to pass the final examination.

Teaching Methods

  • Lecture discussion method/Participatory method
  • Kinesthetic learning
  • Lecture demonstration method
  • Discovery Learning.

Grading Individual

  • Projects/Test/Quizzes           20%
  • Homework and Class Participation     10%
  • Final Course exam                   70%

Prices and Funding

Pay and join us!

220,000 XAF

NB: No other payment  will be demanded during and after the course program.

Payment options
  1. At our campus: You can make an appointment to pay directly on campus, tarred road bonduma gate buea, opposite EPN church.
  2. Wire Transfer: Call us and receive the necessary information you need to make payment from your bank or mobile money (MoMo).

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