Brite Holiday Buddies 2022

Dates: 5th July – 23rd August 2022

Where: South West Buea.

Venue: Brite Academy’s Premise.

Organizers: Brite Academy International.

Main Trainer: Brite Academy International.


It is the intention of Brite Academy International (BAI) to organize holiday activities here in Buea during this long vocation period. The holiday program is codenamed “Brite Holiday Buddies”. Although holidays are there for leisure, it is also essential to ensure that children do not lose track of their education. It can be tough to keep kids entertained and educated during the holidays. But with a bit of creativity, it’s easy to find fun and educational activities that will keep them busy and learning.

It will be a period filled with Leisure, Socio-Educative, Skills Acquisition and Sporting activities that will be open to children and youths irrespective of their gender, religion, educational level, social status. The activities are developed and coordinated by experts in the different domains. They will be drilled on extracurricular activities that will bring out inborn talents and developed skills in domain of computer studies, motor mechanics, motor electricity, Arc welding, esthetic beauty, fashion designing, catering, arts and craft. It will also be an opportunity to engage children and youths in socio-educative and sporting activities like: dance, drama, arts, painting, music, collective games and different sporting activities.

It will also be a platform to instill empathy, social cohesion, encourage kindness, social acceptance, development of team spirit and the building a positive mindset.

In addition, the-youths will receive during this period, Educative Talks on areas like: Youth and Sexuality, Drug Abuse, Success Tips, Environmental Preservation, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, First Aid, COVID-19 and Cholera.

The participation of our children and youths in this activity is very important as it will help them relax in games, team sports, music, dance, theatre art, drawing and painting. These leisure activities will not only help in relaxation but also improves their physical, mental and emotional health for their proper development.

The Target Population

The target population of this activity will essentially constitute youths and children from 11 to 17 years and above. This age group will be subdivided into 2 groups; below 14 and 15-17 and above years of age.

General Objective

The main objective of this useful holiday program is to provide socio-educative, cultural and sporting activities.

Specific Objective

As specific objectives, they include:

  • To reduce the level of already increasing level of juvenile delinquency, violence and promiscuity amongst the youths;
  • To help reduce the level of domestic violence between children and from parents to children;
  • To help discover and harness hidden talents in our children;
  • To developed and acquire new Skills
  • To build Patriotic, Civic and Moral values in youths

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