Cameroon is a resource rich country and natural resources plays a key role in its development. They form the basis of economic activities and livelihoods, especially among the poorest.

The sustainable management of natural resources is thus a key concern for Cameroonโ€™s sustainable development, as exemplified by the Cameroonโ€™s Version 2035. The strategy emphasizes a transition to green growth as one of its two main objectives.

However, Climate Change (CC) poses a severe threat to the underprivileged and the rural masses, by reducing their access to food, energy, and water. Communities, relying on natural resources are the worst hit and often fall victims even to a slight change in weather.

In this regards, the Brite Innovation Hub, under Brite Academy International is this year launching the 1st National Essay Competition under the


The  essays should be written in British English, maximum 1200 words, minimum 800 words, with 12 points format, Times New Roman, and 1.5 spacing.

The Winners will be awarded cash prizes:

  • 1st prize โ€“ 50,000 FCFA,
  • 2nd prize โ€“ 30,000 FCFA,
  • 3rd prize โ€“ 20,000 FCFA.

All essays should be submitted via mail to and should include the contestantsโ€™ name, age, and educational qualification.

Deadline: Saturday 31ST December, 2022

Do not miss out on this opportunity to exercise knowledge and win for yourself a cash prize.

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