About IT Programs

Graphic Designing

This course will focus on equipping learners into becoming acquainted with graphic design techniques, principles of page layout and design and photo editing

Software Development

This Course is aimed at helping students build an understanding of how to develop a software system from scratch by guiding them

Computer Basics & MS Package

This course is designed to initiate students who are not very verse with computer operations and familiarize them with computer operations

Computer Hardware Maintenance

In this course, a student is trained on professional skill & professional knowledge related to job role

Computer Networking wiring and configuratuion

This course will focus on how computers connect with each other and in resource sharing

Computerized Accounting

This Course provides learners with the opportunity to gain knowledge of business concepts an computerized accounting skills.

Training of Trainers for Online Teaching

This program is designed to create courses that wow learners with their interactivity and potent learning experiences