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Do you have a vision? If yes, how do you plan on realizing it?
Our visions are our initial thoughts about where we want to be in future while our strategy defines the direction we take to achieve our vision.

It is said “a vision with action can change the world but having a vision without action is a mere dream”.

That is if you have a dream of becoming a president someday, you have to take action to ensure it happens. Taking no actions will only keep you on the same spot.

Many of us tend to put strategy before vision. As a result, it is easy to lose focus of your vision.

How to develop your vision

Unique: Make sure it is unique and it fits your passion and values.

• Beneficial: Make sure it will be benefit not just you but others too, at the same time.

Draw inspiration: Draw inspiration from something or someone you admire.

• Simple: Write it directly and succinctly so that it is quick to grasp. This will help you to always remember it and stay focused.

How to develop a strategy for achieving your vision?

Create a list of actions: You have to divide your main goal into smaller objectives so that you can make the final goal seem less overwhelming.

Set a timeline: Assess the requirements and consider the amount of time you need to complete each item on your list to maintain consistent progress toward your goal.

Designate resources: Assess your skills and abilities and see if you are best qualified to perform each task or give some task amongst competent people.

Monitor your progress: Describe the measures you use to ensure each task in your action plan is completed on time.

In summary, a vision guides your life. If you don’t have a vision yet, it’s not too late to create one.

Once you do, revise it and make sure it attainable. Grab a paper and pen and draft out a plan to guide you towards achieving it.



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