How professional training and certification is changing everything in Cameroon

Keep up! The world is evolving

_ By Cynthia Nkweti_

Change is inevitable; as the world is and if you don’t change with it, you will be left behind. Now, there is a lot of talk about Professional training and certification. What is all this talk about and what are the benefits?

Professional training simply refers to a process that imbibes an individual with skills necessary or relevant to working in a particular domain or profession. Certification on its part is a third-party attestation of an individual’s level of knowledge or proficiency in a certain industry or profession. Certifications are granted by authorities in the field, such as professional societies and universities, or by private certificate-granting agencies. Certifications, it should be noted, in most cases are time-bound, with some expiring after a period of time, while others can be renewed indefinitely as long as certain requirements are met.

As strange as Professional training and Certification may sound to many Cameroonians nowadays, here are a few of the many benefits that you stand to enjoy from trying out one of them.


Benefits of Professional Training and Certification  

How professional training and certification is changing everything in Cameroon


  1. Better Earning Potential

Who doesn’t want a pay raise at work? Pay raises can come either through longevity in services/promotion to higher rank for satisfactory work performance or through professional development – when employees acquire higher skills and knowledge through professional training and certification.

  1. Higher chance of getting employed

Certification is that one thing that will set you apart from other job seekers with similar education background and qualification. Some job adverts limit job requirements to persons who have undergone professional training and are certified in that position being advertised. This naturally eliminates others and increases your chances of been hired.

  1. Promotion potential

When there is a senior position to be occupied in an establishment, employers usually have special interest in persons who are willing and able to take initiatives, initiatives that will take the company closer to achieving its objectives. Here, their trust for persons with such potential to take initiatives would go most often to persons with certification in the particular area of expertise, or at least who have undergone some level of professional training.

  1. Improved, expanded and updated skills set

Professional training helps one expand professional knowledge and responsibilities which contributes in effectively and efficiently carrying out one’s responsibilities for better productivity.

  1. Opportunities for mobility

Unlike other regular academic certificates which are mostly recognized locally, professional certifications are recognized internationally. This goes to say that someone who is certified in a particular field can work anywhere in the world as the certifications are recognized globally.

Professionally training and certification have come as an answer to many who want to rise faster and expand their knowledge.


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