Five things that would help you study better

_By Cynthia Nkweti_

Studying is for everyone, whether it is for an examination or studying to become versed with a subject matter. It is never too late to stop learning. Sometimes, it could get difficult to focus with the gazillion things that occupy our minds. We therefore put together these few tips that will help you study better.
1. Start preparing way ahead of time.
Don’t wait for the last minute to start studying. When you wait to the last minute, you tend to start trying to cram stuff without really understanding them. Start studying way ahead of time to reduce pressure from yourself and give your brain time to assimilate the information.

2. Make a study plan:
You should start by creating a study plan or a study calendar. Create a schedule that will keep you focused and give you a sense of discipline. In your study plan, include the number of hours you plan to study for and be realistic. Don’t write that you will study for 8 hours if you know you can’t sustain that. Also remember to create time for rest and recreation.
3. Find your learning style:
Each individual has a unique learning style and if you do not find your learning style, you may try imitating someone and wonder why studying is hard. For example, some people can sit for hours and study while others will study better with music. Click on the link to know more about different learning styles
4. Find real life examples:
Excursions and field trips are one of the ways in which whatever we studied becomes real. While studying, try to look for real life examples to relate to your course so that it doesn’t look like a foreign concept.
5. Practice, practice, practice
The statement, “practice makes perfect” is not an exaggeration. Remember to always practice what you study. When you study without practicing what you have studied, your brain doesn’t fully grasp the concept. That is the reason for homework and a lot of other exercises in school.

To succeed in studying anything, you will require focus and discipline. If you notice that when you begin to study that’s when other things start popping into your head or you start to feel sleepy, remind yourself of your goal.

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