The internet has changed everything for businesses – especially small businesses. Yes! Nowadays, if your business is not online, you are losing out. It’s now easier than ever to market through your website, connect with consumers, and increase your profits. So why are some small businesses still not online? It could be due to several factors, perhaps cost of a website or lack of knowledge of its importance.

Here are five reasons why you should have an online presence

1. Look professional
Having an online presence makes small businesses look credible and professional. This is especially with the presence of a website, facebook page or other social media platforms. A web presence can boost a business’ reputation, providing exposure beyond its local or national customers.

2. Gain visibility
Its easy for a business to be seen both nationally and internationally with an online presence. In today’s competitive search environment, content is everything. Google has made it easy for people to search for exactly what they want by searching on the internet. If someone is looking for schools in Cameroon, will your school come up in the search?

3. Consumers expect businesses to be online
What’s the first thing that happens when consumers hear of a new product? They immediately take out their devices and start searching for the services the business offers. Everything is online these days. An online presence also means you have a wider reach.

4. Stay competitive
Every business has competition. An online presence helps you see those who are doing similar businesses as you and a chance to see the strategies they are using. You therefore have a chance to change strategy or take a new angle.

5. Interact with customers
An online presence for small businesses means you have a chance to interact with your customers, especially those beyond your storefront. You don’t have to rely on walk-ins to inform consumers about your services or products. You can simply go online and post what you want and likewise, customers can get to you.

6. Flexibility
Unlike working offline where businesses have to close their doors at certain hours, having an online presence means businesses can be open 24/7 if they want. This can be beneficial for businesses that deal with international clients with different time zones.

At the end of everything. more businesses are going online to increase their sales, bring in more customers, and increase profits. As earlier mentioned, consumers expect your business to have a web presence – and as long as you don’t have one, you’re going to be losing money.
Therefore, do not be left behind.

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