About this Program

Entrepreneurship training outline are specifically selected for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as already entrepreneurs. These training outline is centered on reskilling current skills as well developing new skills to meet current market expectations through innovative and creative ideas. Our entrepreneurship training involves small business owners and those who want to start up with no educational background on business development and sustainability. Business statistics have proven that small business owners who invest in training on entrepreneurship are more likely to grow their businesses sustainably.

The key objective here is to provide proper trainings to entrepreneurs to; recognize business opportunities, how to act on them, how to commercialize concepts/ideas as well as manage key resources in their businesses and finally set up a scalable business

What We Do!

Our entrepreneurship training involves trainings in business creation, business management business development and sustainability. We train participants on how to recognize business opportunities and commercialize these concepts and/or how to be investment ready. Our training for startups are centered developing solutions to critical problems. Our Entrepreneurship and Skill Training Program is to equip young unemployed Cameroonians to be self employed, employ others, and be marketable wherever they find themselves. This training program  is intended to provide the requisite skills as entrepreneurs.

Objectives of the Program

The essential goals of the program are to Provide the information, abilities, perspectives and assets in business venture and expertise preparing in the Vocational and Technical education, the training will best meet organizations and businesses by impacting an uplifting outlook towards self Employment, reasonable utilization of material and time in class and on the field.

At Brite Academy International, we center around assisting you to become excellent leaders in your various professions or domain. This implies that the entrepreneurship training we offer is planned with big business, initiative, and your achievement as a primary concern.

Furthermore, we train our trainees in writing top notch business plans, growth strategies, grant proposal writing, business leaderships, problem solving and critical thinking.

In addition to that we train on how to plan, organize, control and monitor financial resources .

We trust that the most ideal way to assist you with finding a new line of work is by fostering your viable business abilities. 

Ngando Doris

Cost Structure Per Person


  • The 20 hours is for the entire program and will be broken down per sessions/modules to be treated.
  • Payment plan is flexible.
  • All clients get one free corporate training session.





1 to 10

20 hours



11 to 20

20 hours



21 to 30

20 hours



31 to 40

20 hours



50 and above

20 hours