Entrepreneur Conference 2022

Dates: 16th JULY 2022

Where: South West Buea.

Venue: Brite Academy’s Premise.

Organizers: Brite Academy International.

Main Trainer: TBD



Following the need to reskill entrepreneurs in relation to support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, the specific objective here include;

  • Enhance awareness on the role of entrepreneurship as a strategy for poverty reduction, social wellbeing and sustainable economic growth.
  • Understanding of the current initiatives towards reskilling in entrepreneurship
  • Enhance awareness of the needs, constraints and necessary actions to reskill entrepreneurs
  • Co-develop action plan for enabling self-employment
  • Enhance the awareness of SDG in business development and sustainability. Problematic

Outcome of the Training

Participants will be equipped with knowledge and hands on training on specific tools and methods to design, implement and monitor their businesses, including policy and regulatory
frameworks, financial and business development services and products.


What type of training do entrepreneurs need?

  • Mentoring and coaching.
  • Learning with entrepreneurs.
  • Innovative and flexible training.
  • Targeted to their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Networking and marketing

Event Format

The event format will be as follows:

  • Plenary sessions on the main themes of the event
  • Breakout sessions to engage in hands on training
  • Pitching competition for young entrepreneurs
  • Marketplace for entrepreneurship and self-employment actors
  • Inspirational talks from entrepreneurs



Anyone with an interest in becoming an entrepreneur, but are not yet sure about it. This could include students between 15 and 18 yrs old and unemployed people.
What do they need?
To realize what it really means to become an entrepreneur and to develop entrepreneurial thinking, innovation and creativity.
Key topics:
Basics of entrepreneurship;
Developing entrepreneurial thinking, innovation and creativity;
Pros and cons of a career in entrepreneurship.


Anyone with a business idea wanting to turn it into a viable business opportunity. This could include: university students, graduates, unemployed people, career switchers, women, seniors and migrants.
What do they need?
Support to develop an entrepreneurial idea from concept to reality.
Key topics:
Developing business plans or canvas;
Prototype building;
Pitching business ideas;
Market research;
Sales and marketing;
Basics of financial literacy and fundraising methods;           
Presentation and networking skills.


Entrepreneurs who are in the first phase of running their business (3 to 5 years from business registration). This could include: young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, senior entrepreneurs, second chance entrepreneurs and migrant entrepreneurs.
What do they need?
Support to survive the critical start-up phase and help to make their business sustainable.
Key topics:
Redefining business plans or canvas;
Product development and innovation management;
Financial literacy including accountancy, bookkeeping, data analysis
Website development, social media, e-commerce, digital sales and digital marketing.
Tax regimes and patent procedures;
Team working, networking and negotiating skills.


Entrepreneurs in their first phase of business but who are preparing to scale-up the business.
What do they need?
Support to prepare their business to growth and innovation and make it scalable.
Key topics:
Strategic Management;
Digitalization and use of new technologies;
Financial literacy including investment methods and calculating risks;
Intercultural management and foreign languages;
International law, trading regulation, export documentation, intellectual property rights.


Entrepreneurs who have experienced business failure and want to learn from their mistakes before they start again.
What do they need?
Help in recovering from the losses suffered and becoming successful the second time round.
Key topics:
Professional, financial, social and psychological effects of business failure;
Analyzing their failure;
Overcoming fear.

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