A 2-day training of trainers seminar was organized by Brite Academy International on Thursday January 21 and Friday January 22, 2021. The training which brought together over 20 participants, engaged potential trainers with an experienced and professional trainer, Professor. Ransom Lekunze of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, to enable them master the skills and approaches to delivering a master training, and be equipped for the challenges and opportunities that E-learning presents in today’s world.   The training equipped participants on basic training skills which are vital elements which make the mark and would easily differentiate them as top-notch trainers from the regulars. These skills include; preparing and delivering training course and programmes, course development planning, developing training content, presenting learning activities – techniques and tactics, training delivery approach, what makes a good training course and training follow-up and business networking amongst others.  Professor. Ransom Lekunze of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark enjoined the trainers to have knowledge of their trainees and vice versa so that they know what specific needs to address and how to deliver training to their participants. His training session spanned towards sharpening the training skills of trainers and to broaden their scope on recent best training practices. He further encouraged trainers to be flexible since the world of today is changing every second, so they need to go with flow. Professor Ransom is a visionary international development expert with more than 20 years of hands-on experience, driven to support knowledge sharing and improve the quality of life of communities, especially in Africa. He is specialized in the fields of innovation, social entrepreneurship, project management, corporate social responsibility, agribusiness, sustainability, fair trade and globalization. He has trained, mentored and guided more than 500 students from 78 different countries to be business ready to meet the needs of the industry and become leading professional/entrepreneurs in their fields. The trainers therefore got the opportunity to tap from the business guru’s experiences in today’s business world. The trainers were equipped with skills and were given various exercises to test their engagement and understanding of the training. The trainers/participants expressed satisfact

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