Main Trainer: Professor Ransom Lekunze, University College Copenhagen, Denmark                                                                                                                       LinkedIn:


The Brite Academy International is a new and aspiring learning and training institution. For it to deliver on its premise or vision of becoming one of the leading training institutions in Cameroon, it is necessary to build a pool of competent instructors. This training of trainers (ToT) is intended to engage potential trainers with an experienced and professional trainer so that they can master the skills and approaches to deliver a master training.  The short ToT workshop allows trainers to watch an experienced trainer teach, demonstrate exercises, and then practice teaching segments together.


Outcome of the ToT

At the end of the ToT workshop, participant should gain skill in:

  1. Preparing and delivering training course and programmes
  • Selection of course or programme to be delivered
  • Choosing Format and Modules (face-to face and or online)
  • Setting a training course honour code
  • How to run course orientation
  1. Developing training content
  2. Selecting training course support
  • Course material
  • Teaching support
  • Online support
  1. Presenting learning activities – techniques and tactics
  • Training notes, videos, small group discussions, enrichment activities, activity submission
  • Training assessment and feedback.
  1. Do training follow-up and business networking
  2. Accrediting a training
  3. Costing a training
  4. Pitching a training course/programme to potential participants

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