About Innovation Hub

The innovation hub (I-HUB) is aimed at providing services through four distinct sectors which includes; Corporate trainings, Co-working spaces, Entrepreneurship trainings, I.T Services, Digital library and Bookstore. Brite Academy’s innovation hub seeks to create and capture value from entrepreneurs and all other corporate bodies. We provide corporate bodies with skill acquisition programs for their employees in relation to business goals and make recommendation for required skills.

We revamp current skills to meet needs of the 21st century market by introducing new skills that align with business goals and objectives. We also create a milieu (workspace) where freelancers and other business owners can work, meet, interact and network with other startups. This department seeks to create and capture value from entrepreneurs and all other corporate bodies.

Welcome to Brite Academy's Innovation Hub

Take the first step in transforming your idea into a reality. We employ you to immerse yourself in a community of changemakers. We are thrilled to present to you our outstanding services at Brite Academy International’s Innovation Hub.

Our services includes;

CORPORATE TRAININGS: Provide companies with skills acquisition programs for their employees in relation to their business needs to boast productivity.

CO-WORKING SPACES: Well furnished office spaces for people of every works of life. As well as equipped conference halls and training rooms.

 Entrepreneurship Training: Trainings on how to recognize business opportunities and commercialize these concepts/ideas

I.T SERVICES: Provide schools and other institutions with software management systems to ease day to day activities.

 Digital Library/Bookstore: Provide authors an online world market, and readers a platform to access to any books of their choice.


Co-working Spaces

We Create a work milieu where business owner meet, work, collaborate and birth business ideas.

Corporate Training

We train you on how to create something from nothing. You can create your own opportunities and be an innovator.


We provide capacity building training programs which meets the specific needs of every individual around the world.

IT Services

We provide outstanding digital services from online trainings, digital library, online bookstore as well as IT support.

Keep in Touch

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