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Professional Training and Certifications

Course Description

During the duration of Computer Network training, a student is trained on professional skill & professional knowledge related to job role. In addition to this a candidate is entrusted to undertake project work and extracurricular activities to build up confidence. The broad components covered under Professional Skill subject are as below:

During this period the trainee learns about safety and environment. They learn about basics of electrical and electronic component related to networking system. The trainees will learn to setup and configure networking system using various network devices using crimping, punching, setting IP addressing techniques.

They are able to share and control resource and internet connection over network. They learn to secure networking system from different types of attacks. They also learn to install and configure Windows and Linux server. Finally, the trainees will learn about internet and different types of web browsers. At the end of the training, trainees can go on projects.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Set up and configure Networking System using various network devices.
  2. Share and control resource and Internet connection through network.
  3. Implement Network Security to protect from various attacks on networking.
  4. Install and configure Windows and Linux server.
  5. Browse internet and communicate through email.
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