About Computer Networking Maintenance

Professional Training and Certifications

Course Description

In this course, discussion started from very basics and discussed up to maximum depth possible. For every topic, solid situations and numerical problems are discussed and solved.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Set up and configure Networking System using various network devices.
  2. Share and control resource and Internet connection through network.
  3. Implement Network Security to protect from various attacks on networking.
  4. Install and configure Windows and Linux server.
  5. Browse internet and communicate through email.
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Course Module

Course Modules

Lesson Title


Module 1

Install computer equipment

·         Identify various computer components

·         Identify the necessary tools for the assembly of a PC

·         Assemble the various computer components

·         Test the functioning of the computer system

·          Install operating systems and applications

Week 1

Module 2

Install operating systems and applications

·         Remember the various operating systems and choose according to user requirements

·         Prepare the installation of the operating system

·         Install, configure, update and upgrade the operating system

·         Remember the various application families and choose according to user requirements

·         Install, configure and update common applications

Week 2-3

Module 3

Use operating systems and applications

·         Use operating systems.

·         Use word processing software and spreadsheet programme

·         Make use of repair and maintenance utilities

·         Use the Internet

·         Develop in students the skills needed to be able to install and configure common software

Week 4-6

Module 4

Design a computer network

·         Choose the necessary interconnection equipment according to the network zone and requirements

·         Slot the network for more flexibility

·         Envisage an efficient use of IP addresses according to segment requirements

·         Choose security protocols and norms to be used

·         Design a detailed

Week 7-9

Module 5

Set up a computer network

·         Install end users and interconnection equipment

·         Configure end users’ equipment

·         Configure interconnection equipment (Linux router)

·         Implement security standards

·         Verify equipement connectivity

Week 10-12

Module 6

Administer and manage a computer network

·         Manage objects in the client-server environment

·         Install services to take care of end users’ equipment in the client server environment

·         Install network equipment remote management tools

·         Use administration tools to analyze network traffic in the client server environment

·         Operate the applications and operating systems network installation in the client server environment

·         Install and configure a redundant system in the client server environment

Week 13-15

Module 7

Repair a computer network

·         Choose a repair methodology

·         Solve problems related to data links and physical layers

·         Solve network layer connectivity problems

·         Solve application layer problems

·         Design a repair data sheet

Week 16-17

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