esambe-Gerald President and Founder of Brite Academy International


Dear Graduates, Professionals, Business owners & Entrepreneurs,

I wish to heartily welcome you to this part of the Brite Academy International (BAI).

I am also very pleased to present to you our executive program as you explore the BAI world. This program intends to give you premium positions as either graduates, professionals, business owners or entrepreneurs. Through this program, we intend to ensure that upon completion, you have the require quantity and quality of knowledge, skills and attitude to deliver in whatever capacity you represent and in any situation.

We desire via this program to fine-tune your disposition as a 21st century executive and permit you to navigate your way around ambiguity and challenges with conviction, tact and a deep faith in your ability to deliver, no matter the surrounding factors.


We have done our best to ensure that we tailor the program to make it easy for anyone who is ready to commit to doing what is necessary to move to the next level. We are convinced that this program will help BAI to effectively close skill gaps, heighten capacity and position all learners properly in the 21st century marketplace.

I wish you the best as you explore the BAI Executive Program (BEP).

Sincerely Yours,

Gerald Esambe

President, BAI


Dear aspiring BEP Officials,

I am excited to reach out to you today on this amazing platform.

BEP aims to ensure that in the job, corporate or business marketplace, all BEP Officials should occupy the best positions thanks to the kind and quality of knowledge, skills and attitudes (mind-set) you will possess at the end of the program.

As facilitator, my role is to make your learning easy but also effective as we seek to ensure that all graduates from the program do not just possess physically good brands but should have the right internal value systems to propel them to sustainable success.

I am very pleased to welcome you and I sincerely wish you an amazing time as you explore.

Feel free to reach out to us as necessary, we will be at your service.

Magnanimously Yours!

Ayah W. Abine

BEP Officer

Brite Academy International


The BAI Executive Program is a practice-oriented training program at Brite Academy International, Buea. The 6 months study program focuses predominantly on personal development and economic empowerment encompassing different concepts, approaches and aspects, ranging from supporting small businesses coping with survival up to promoting innovative, dynamic enterprises which can deal with intelligent decision-making tools and methodologies.

Special issues addressed are: Importance of personal development, importance of skills for the 21st century job market; the identification of innovation possibilities inside SMEs, their growth potentials as well as new concepts for promoting them and generating positive multiplier effects on their business environments. Moreover, socio-economic and political considerations such as securing employment and generating income for the majority of the population are also part of the program.

Building an exceptional professional career in today’s fast changing business economy is a universally desirable priority of everyone who wants to excel professionally.  The executive program offers individuals the platform to build an exceptional and fulfilling career in their different fields of specialty. The training program will immerse young professionals into different functional areas where they will have hands-on experiences in their various work assignments. This executive program has been designed using the experience of senior managers and trainers and provides practical solutions and tools which in turn allows candidates to gain expertise, confidence, network and increase awareness in personal development, operations, marketing, business development, data analysis, corporate communication, leadership, project management and sustainable development goals (SDGs) among others.


The program will respond to the growing needs for advanced skills in Cameroon especially in the areas of emerging business, entrepreneurship and technology trends including networking, mobile computing, distributed application, and data security.

 Despite the availability of universities that offer business, entrepreneurship and computer science and engineering courses, there is a shortage of practically oriented skills in these areas due to outdated curriculum and inadequate faculty, inability of existing universities to blend teaching and research and lack of industry experience and internal governance problems.

The BEP will provide state of the art research, teaching and learning environment, building on Brite’s track record in this area. It will be the first advanced training program in Cameroon blending teaching, research, entrepreneurship, incubation, innovation and linkage to the industry in business and the ICT fields.


  • The BAI Executive Program (BEP) aims to fill the skill gap in in today’s fast challenging economy.


  • The BEP is to address the limited capacity in personal development, business, entrepreneurship, information and communication technology and project management especially in Africa.


  • The program seeks to provide knowledge, skills and attitude to the learners that will give them premium positions in the job and business market.


The BEP is a six (6) months program of two cohorts per year. It is delivered in batches of 6 months each, to deepen knowledge and build technical, managerial and leadership skills necessary for the future (21st century) job, corporate and business market.

Admission will be on the rolling basis, that is, we can have intakes at the start of the month and they will have to take catchup lessons to meet up. All BEP courses run for one month (including evaluation).

Semester I will have 4 months and 2 weeks (18 weeks) and semester II will have 1 month and 2 weeks (6 weeks).

In specific cases, the duration of the program could be discussed to suit the needs of the aspiring BEP Official while ensuring that the standards are maintained. The program can be compressed as the learner desires but the learner will have to do the necessary work to meet up with the requirements and meet all the prescribed tasks.


Our Training Program is taught by a combination of full-time staff, visiting lecturers and professionals (experts). The main purpose of our Training is to offer a contextual, applicable and practical approach that comes as close to reality as possible. Therefore, a significant number of our faculty consists of consultants and experts, who are active in every one of the subjects that are part of the program.