Brite Academy International was privileged to participate in the 5-day Silicon Mountain event tagged the showcase 2021 which brought together a variety of startups, entrepreneurs, business owners and creatives. This event gave us the opportunity to display, our products, meet likeminded individuals and network with other organizations promoting innovation and digitalization in Cameroon.
Born at the heart of the corona virus, our aim is to reskill for the 21st century job market. This comes in the form of providing trainings tailored to fit the specific gaps in the job market. We also seek to promote digitalization through one of our flagship trainings, training of trainers for online learning which helps individuals to familiarize themselves with online teaching tools. We host an online bookstore and digital library where authors can upload their books and users can either buy or read online.
Sharing our vision of the innovation hub, we showcased our business services, the corporate trainings and co-working spaces which is our attempt to promote innovation and encourage small businesses and startups.
We are grateful for the Silicon Mountain for organizing this event.

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