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Brite Academy International is a Professional Training and Career Development Institution, that seeks to re-skill through practical trainings and mentorship.

Also, they develop competitive individuals and businesses, that can thrive in the challenging 21st Century Job market.

We specialize in the delivery of professional online learning,  courses and apprenticeship (online & onsite) to individuals

as well as Business Consulting and Mentorship to SMEs, CSOs and Start-up businesses.

Our mission is to provide access to good quality education and career development pathways to students, graduates, professionals and employers through our professional services.

To achieve this, we bank on key values such as integrity (in our relationships with partners and customers), rationality (in our arguments and decision making) as well as collegiality in our work as professionals.

Therefore, Brite Academy is in the unique position of satisfying four different sets of stakeholders, each with completely different but complementary expectations.

– Brite Academy for Teacher/Influencer:

we have created modules for teacher training, and planning sessions for online teaching.

– Brite Academy for Parent/Customer:

we have developed an effective e-leaning strategy that satisfies parents’ quest for their children to score excellent grades and at the same time, master and acquire necessary skills for the 21st century.

– Brite Academy for Employers:

Through our Masterclasses, professional trainings, career development and apprenticeship programs,

we offer employers a cutting-edge of customized solutions and programs to attract great talents at zero cost and risk.

– Brite Academy for Students/Graduates:

At Brite Academy we ensure our students acquire outstanding soft skills like critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, leadership; literacy skills like information,

media, technology; and life skills such as flexibility, initiative, productivity etc., equipping them for the exigencies of today’s job market.

Brite Academy courses are designed to meet the needs of all categories of students/graduates from secondary and high school, to university and post graduate levels.

It prides itself as being a platform through which students can prepare for certificate exams

such as the GCE O’ & A’ Levels, BAC amongst others, as well as other public examinations within Cameroon and internationally accredited courses, within their comfort zone and convenience.

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