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The conventional educational system has no doubt, greatly impacted the population of Cameroon, especially the youths, hence boosting the national economy. Regrettably, however, it has also created a very wide skills gap when put into the reality context of the job market in Cameroon just like elsewhere.

In a fast changing world where almost everything relies on technology, there is a need to mentor and train true professionals, imbibed with the skills needed to cope with the trend and challenges. That’s why BRITE ACADEMY is an asset to the educational sector in Cameroon and all its stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, graduates) and as well professionals in the corporate milieu.

Brite Academy is an e-learning platform that aims at substituting classroom learning and covers the Cameroon educational curricula for primary to high school. We also train and prepare students, graduates and young employees with skills, practical trainings and mentorship needed for the 21st century job market.

Our goal is to provide access to quality education and career opportunities by providing proper career path companionship for students, graduates and young employees. We also hold, in very high esteem, the skills and talents bestowed on our youths. This explains why we offer programs to nurture, manage and promote skill sets in young people.
We aim at improving on the quality of education by providing support to already existing educational institutions and rolling educational models in Cameroon as an effort to reduce graduate under and unemployment.


Human Skills: Human skills sometimes referred to as “soft skills,” apply to social, creative and critical thinking to work, leading the way to innovation and collaboration. These skills allow teams to work cohesively, and are in high demand across the digitally intensive economy. In fact, the jobs that are the most tech-driven are three times more likely than others to demand creativity skills and almost twice as likely to ask for collaboration skills.

Business Enabler Skills: These skills allow other skills to be put to work in practical situations. Examples of business enabler skills are project management, business processing, communicating data, and digital design. This skill set enables individuals to connect the capabilities of digital technologies to broader business goals and this subject area is one of the top three most popular training subjects on online learning platforms today.

Digital Building Block Skills: These skills are the focus of most programs aimed at closing the digital skills gap. Digital skills leverage technology to add value and align with functional domains that are critical to the information economy. Examples of such skills are computational thinking, data science, and computer learning. These skills are critical to many vocations, including many job families that are well outside technical fields. Digital building block skills are especially useful to current or aspiring functional analysts and data-driven decision makers. Industry demand for these skills is already growing.

Our services are divided into three segments

Through our online education services, we provide education and training to students from elementary (primary) to tertiary levels of education based on Cameroon’s system of education. We also prepare students for end of year certificate examinations: First School Leaving Certificate, GCE Ordinary and Advanced levels etc.

Through our online school, Brite Academy offers every student the opportunity to acquire essential knowledge and earn a certificate.

  • Business: Aligning talent with business objectives

Every employer is faced with the choice of “build or buy,” whether it’s easier to hire new talent or develop new skills among existing workers. Preparing students for success includes preparing them for the job market. Our products help educators track demand, build and align programs with what employers need, and give students a roadmap to a satisfying career.

Brite Academy offers apprenticeship and master classes to provide students and graduates with access to career-oriented trainings based on 21s century job requirements delivered by industry experts and professionals;

  • Career Development: Paths for Success

Countless job seekers struggle to find strong employment options. Many graduates struggle with long-term unemployment, outdated skills, or just a lack of information about available opportunities. Brite Academy’s programs are designed to support these job seekers, to address emerging skills gaps, and target training resources where they can do the most good.

We also host webinars and seminars on interesting and educative topics with professional speakers.

Brite academy is indeed your gateway to a “brite” and promising future.

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  1. E-learning is indeed what the world needs, particularly Cameroon during this pandemic in order to continuously place education at the reach of all.

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