Incompetence can lead to low morale, reduction in productivity.

There are many reasons why you can be seen as incompetent.

Being incompetent is not an inborn trait so never dwell on it.  work on yourself and become a better version of you.

if you find yourself feeling or being called incompetent, you have to:

Remind yourself that “everyone makes mistakes”:

it’s normal for someone in this situation to always compare him/herself to others. However, stop criticising yourself and instead transform your mistakes into motivational tools. 

Take steps towards making a change:

there are many options for skill development. it starts from taking in-person or online courses to finding a professional mentor for training or advice. 

Commit yourself to practise:

the first few tries towards change can be very difficult and uncomfortable. do not relent but try very hard to be consistent in your practice.  keep up until you get familiar and comfortable practising the new skills and behaviour you learnt. 

Monitor your progress:

always track your progress regarding skill development. When you note any mistakes you make along the way, use them as learning opportunities. do not forget to track your achievements as well. When you notice your skills improving, it can motivate you to keep learning and practising. 

Ask for feedback:

Gaining feedback from others can help you focus on your training and learning efforts. they may identify trouble areas that you did not recognize yourself. Their feedback can also help you gauge your progress based on where you started. Furthermore, positive feedback can serve as another motivational tool.

Never let yourself be told that you can never be good enough. you are more than that and can even be excellent. just get the right training, skills and behaviour.

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