Whether you call it graduation day, recognition or promotion day, the end of a project is a special opportunity to be recognized and celebrated.
On the 13th of November 2021, Brite Academy International officially recognized one of its trainees, Fomonyuy Emmanuel Chem with a Diploma in Web Development a

s a sign to prove his knowledge, hard work and commitment in the field. It was a very joyful event as the president of the institution, Mr Gerald Esambe handed over the certificate.
The president thanked and commended him for his hard work, resilience and the sacrifice put in. Before handing the award, his tutor and other staff gave him some words of encouragement.
Fomonyuy Emmanuel Chem is our very first trainee to receive a diploma in Web Development. The skills he acquired during his 6 months training will definitely help him when faced with other challenges ahead. Brite Academy International currently has other trainees enrolled and are actively taking courses onsite and online.
Admission into other training programs is ongoing. Applications are done via the website www.briteacademy.net or onsite at Bonduma Gate.

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