We don not build the life we want by saving time. First, we build the life we want and then time saves itself. 

The concept of time is highly plastic. When you say “I don’t have time to do this” it does not mean that thing is not a priority. 

Time is a choice. There is always time even if we seem too busy.

Now, where do you spend your time?

Let’s talk about this using the category list;

1. Crew

The amount of time you spend each day with a crew, it could be a workplace, school or any social environment.

2. Relationships:

How much time do you put in your relationships? Family, friends, your partner etc.

3. Self/Me

How much time do you put in each day for yourself? Do you at least allocate time each day to learn something new for your personal or professional growth?

Food for thought right?

Make use of this three categories. Determine where you spend most of your time and how beneficial it is for your growth.

Do this and you will learn how to better use your time and what you should prioritize your time on.

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