It is inevitable that as a business person or an entrepreneur, you will come across some challenges in the course of running your business.
Hence, it is very important for you to ask yourself this set of questions so as to prepare yourself to launch your business and be a step away from failure.
🔵  What kind of business do want to start?
🔵  What benefit will your business have in your environ?
🔵  Do have enough resources to start your business?
🔵  How do you want your business to look like?
🔵  How many employees will you need?
🔵  What strategies will you use to generate income and keep you Brite Academy
Get a pen and a paper
Answer all the above questions as they will serves as guide for your business
Need more help?
Brite Academy is here for you
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By Larissa Ntube (BAI Volunteer)


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